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We provide a full service opening of your inground swimming pool. From removal, scrubbing and folding of your cover; to vacuuming, brushing and testing the chemistry of the water. Chemicals not included.

Weekly Service

Your swimming pool needs weekly maintenance. Enjoy your pool, and leave the maintenance to us. We will visit on a weekly basis to test and maintain the chlorine or salt & pH levels. Vacuum and brush walls as necessary and clean your filter as necessary.

Monthly Service

Don’t like to clean your filter? Sign up for a monthly service. We will provide that weeks worth of cleaning the swimming pool, we will clean the filter, test the water and maintain chlorine or salt & pH levels as necessary. You will care for your pool for 3 weeks, and then take a week off and allow us to take care of it for you.


When you are finished with your pool for the season, we’ll take care of keeping it safe through the winter months. Galloway Pool Service will provide a full service closing of your pool. This includes air blowing and plugging your water lines (fresh water lines not included), 30 minutes worth of vacuuming, winterizing your filter, lowering your water level and putting on the winter cover.

Repair or Replacement of Equipment

Call us regarding the repair of your swimming pool finish, equipment or winter cover. From rehabs of older swimming pools, to replacement of equipment, to purchase or replacement of winter covers, we’re here to help.